I have a ‘CRATE’ idea!

We always stock a selection of fantastic wooden crates, large and small and there’s so many great ways you can use them to dress your home.

With various uses throughout your home, we’ve listed them below:

img_9451 img_9452 img_9453 img_9454 img_9455 img_9456 img_9457 img_9459 img_9460 img_9461 img_9462 img_9463 img_9464 img_9465 img_9466img_9467img_9468img_9469img_9470img_9471img_9472img_9473img_9474img_9475img_9476img_9477img_9478img_9479img_9480img_9481img_9482img_9483

*please note: these images have been sourced from the Internet for inspirational purposes only and are not images of items for sale in Rosie B’s.

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